Founders of Afterlife servers and We host a community oriented gaming environment for all players to join and find friends. Our Philosophy is to bring people together and make lasting connections. We desire players and staff to enjoy their time with us. We believe through gaming we can help relieve the daily stresses of life and let you become part of our virtual family. At Afterlife the players come first. We have three levels of difficulty to choose from. Vikings which is set on easy settings for beginners, Midgard for the medium level player and Valhalla for those seeking a real challenge. We hope to see you in game soon or on our discord at
Registration date April 7th, 2021 08:56 AM EST
Server(s) 4
Achievement(s) 9


Rank Server Players Status Tags
Afterlifeservers Midgard PvE
0 / 50 Anticheat Difficulty 3
Afterlifeservers Valhalla PvE
0 / 50 Anticheat Difficulty 4
Afterlifeservers Vikings PvE
0 / 40 Anticheat
Afterlife Undead Legacy
0 / 40 Difficulty 3


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