Hello, I'm Anoz01, and I am here to assist with SUGARGAMING'S Latest 7DaystoDie a17 World:TheSurge. Our world is Hosted by PvE World using Botman / Commands. We are once again hosting our PvE & PvP Events, Quests & Races. We have a Live Map, and our Mods Wiki, Events Calendar and Shops are all located @ We are now Introducing Buildings and Dungeons with New Mods and Mob Bosses. Featuring new Group-Team-Play Options, also now you can join or start a Clan or Village as well as try our newly modified Ground, Air and Water Vehicles.
You can find out more about us and our latest Scavenger Hunt Hints, Server Info, Status Reports as well as Event Videos @ (Currently 12k Map aiming for 20k when stable) "TheSurge" has an Established 18+ Adult Builders Community with an Active Admin and Support Group in our Discord Chat @
Registration date May 23rd, 2018 11:50 AM EST
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