My Story

It started back in November 2014 i bought a game called 7 days to die
started playing online built my first base in a gas station and i started to meet people running by they where near death, i helped them out invited them in and then it began i had my first group.

it didn't take long i ended up with 9 people in total and we decided to move and found a gun store, we turned that into a multi level base including a mine built right under it.

on the third day we had a great team going hunters, lumber jacks, miners, builders we had it all, that's when i met my first group of cheaters they were nice at first and helped us build then off they went and started killing people on the server.

the next night they came back we found out what bedrock is they buried us in our own mine unable to move or get out they started killing my new friends waiting for us at our beds and camped us, rockets and tnt started blowing up everything we spent so much time building together.

all my new friends left the server and quit the game, i was so mad and i didn't know what to do, so i started looking around the web and i found a gaming host named Ping Perfect and i rented my first ever game server for 7 days to die for 9 players.

with the help of my long time gaming friend we got it online and figured out what admin powers were set a password and i told all my new friends the good news they all were over joyed and joined me 10 minutes before i told them they were so happy
tongue emoticon

as time went on i started learning with alot of help from James Lyon from ping perfect i learned about protecting my game server and the players, i was finally ready to open my server to the public and removed the password.

people started joining at a rapid pace each day i had new people helped them brought them to our main base and my first town formed that later became a city, i had no choice but to get 20 slots to keep up with the demand and created my first team to help and protect our growing server.
overtime people came and went i added a second server learned about server managers

AND..... we got our first cheaters >:) after having many flash backs about the first time it was pay back time i didn't ban them i went after them it was a awesome battle armed with my shotgun and new server manager i chased them off my server by force they left willingly.

i started my first steam group, and rented my first VDS and we became Noobzocalypse you can see the videos on the youtube page of the communities we had back then and today we are now Something More Serious Gaming Alliance never mind 20 players we have over 20 game servers.

My Passion Is Your Protection

Eric Nepoose Group Leader
Steam Name Noobs Inc.
Registration date March 18th, 2015 09:56 PM EST
Server(s) 0
Achievement(s) 8


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