Danish Michonne Server PvE A20.3(b6)

Danish Michonne Server PvE A20.3(b6)
Server Information
Hostname Danish Michonne Server PvE A21.2(b30)
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 0 / 20
Location Germany
Version Alpha 21.2
Platform Windows
Map Dinijo Territory
Website https://discord.gg/hUtjBqGQMN
Registered by kimila
Registered since February 19th, 2022 07:23 AM EST
Last update February 28th, 2022 10:47 AM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 3
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Rank 198
Score 5
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About This Server

Welcome at Danish Michonne Server PvE A20.

The server is only PvE / Player Versus Environment.

We have a discord, if you want to talk with admin, or just have a place to talk.
Link: https://discord.gg/wnuDBE4w

No Theft.
No breaking into claimed Bases or Homes.
No shooting other players.
No stealing from claimed ground.
Do not destroy prefab buildings, doors are ok.

No POI/STORE claiming!: Absolutely no claiming of the following:
Working Stiffs, Shotgun Messiah, Crack a book, Pop-N-Pills, Pass-N-Gas,
Police Station, Apartment Buildings, Water Pump Station, Military base, Hospitals, Hotels, Prisons and so on.

No bases or homes in prefab houses unless the house is a single house in the wilderness.

Do NOT use zombies to damage players bases.

Donation: Please go to this page https://www.paypal.me/PrivateServices.
But remember it is absolutely free to donate. But it keeps this server online.

You will lose your tool belt if you die, move the important stuff to you backpack.
Don’t destroy loot crates and collapse POI's.
English or Danish in chat box please.
Cheating, glitching and abusing of bugs and exploits in ANY way is prohibited.
Disrespect of admin and bad behavior is not tolerated.
The conscious exploitation of gaps in the rules can be punished, if a special case occurs, which has not been considered in this policy so far, but still violates the interests of the server!
Causing server lags of any kind is not allowed!
Do not blame/accuse anyone in public chat. Don’t bully each other, and talk nice...!!
This is a place for everyone, Keep racism, politics and religion out of the chat box.
Keep a fair distance to your closest neighbor.
Don’t claim POI's. (Buildings with a Name)
The cars will leave a tire, after wrenching them down. Please leave it, a new car will respawn on the tire.
Please don’t build on the roads. Please make sure that a vehicle can pass if you build over the roads.
Please pick up your vehicle after use, if any loose vehicles are found they will be deleted (it causes lag).
Don’t use other players bases as horde night hotel.
DON’T do quests on other peoples claims, it’s NOT nice of you, and will cause a ban of 2 days"
Please be so kind to lock out 2 in game hours before horde night, or fight it.
No base raiding at all.

Claim Rules:
Remember to claim your base, if it's NOT claimed, you don't own it.
If claim is expired or no claim, the house/base is free to use.
If claim is expired or no claim, the chest and storage boxes are free.
If building plot is claimed, it is taken.
Expired claim will be removed by admins and the house/base will be free.
Claim size is 51, Deadzone 30, Expiretime 30 Days.

If Admin finds claimed POI/STORES they will be removed immediately.

/gimme - Gives you random loot or random zombie. ! You have been warned !
/bloodmoon - shows you next bloodmoon.
/day7 - shows you bloodmoon day and server info.

Discord Info:
Name: Danish Michonne Server PVE
Link: https://discord.gg/hUtjBqGQMN

Server Info:
Name: Danish Michonne Server PVE
Build: A20.2 (B2)
Port: 26960
Server startet 22-01-2022 kl 01:00