[OZ.NZ] Rawhope PVE|Arena|Revive|Bases

[OZ.NZ] Rawhope PVE|Arena|Revive|Bases
Address oz.nz:25010
Hostname [OZ.NZ] Rawhope PVE A17 Experimental
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 5 / 40
Location New Zealand
Version Alpha 17
Platform Windows
Map Tulexu Territory
Website http://oz.nz
Registered by mythan
Registered since January 19th, 2015 05:35 AM EST
Last update July 31st, 2017 10:47 PM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 4

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Rank 58
Score 11
Favorited 17
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PVE - No Griefing Server
Specifically for players who want to play cooperatively against the undead!

Come join our fantastic community of veteran and new players. We've been hosting 7 Days to Die for 3 years, we take hourly backups of the server (in case of game glitches or those pesky hackers), use a great bot that will provide you an absolute ton of features. We're frequently at max capacity and hope to continue providing you a home for your 7DTD needs :)

Server Features:
* Earn Zennies simply by killing zombies - you can then use those zennies to teleport around or pay other players for items or services.
* Randomly Generated World - check it out at http://map.oz.nz
* Protection: Large ban list, with a hack detection bot - (script kiddies - this is a quick way to get your SteamID globally banned)
* All traders are visible on the map and you can use the commands /trader1, /trader2 etc to teleport to them (costs zennies)
* When you join for the first time, you'll be taken to /lobby, it's a safe area that you can explore and there are signs that provide info on the game. Feel free to return there at any time with the /lobby command. You've also got /meetingplace (great for joining other players on horde night to fight the waves of zombies!).
* Mob quantities and difficulties adjusted for a better gaming experience.
* We provide a safe market place where you can buy from and sell to other players. Access this market place by typing /market
* Player map & inventory viewable at http://map.oz.nz
* No griefing - Create a "base" with the /setbase command, then enable protection with /protect to bounce players away that aren't your friends. You can return to your base with the /base (all players) and /base2 (donors).
* Use the /pack command to teleport back to your backpack when you've died
* Play the lottery by using the /gamble command. You can specify the number of tickets you want to buy, more will increase your chances against other players, but might cost you the lot :P
* Type /help to get a list of all the commands you can use on the serve, it's extensive!
* If you wanted to contribute to the server, you're welcome to donate at http://oz.nz/donate. We say thanks by providing you with additional bots features, like an additional /setbase2, 2 teleport way points, 15 gimmes (a mini-game that spawns random stuff, sometimes items, sometimes zombies!), different colored text etc.

Server Settings:
Landclaim Size = 41 blocks
Land Claim Expiry = 30 days
Loot Spawn = 30 days / 100% abundance
Airdrop Frequency = 72 hours (in-game)

For any other settings, join server and type /info in chat or gg in console (~ button).

Join our Steam OZ.NZ Group for updates and discussions.

See you in-game!