Dead Zone PvE | A16.3 | Modded

Dead Zone PvE | A16.3 | Modded


Hostname Dead Zone PvE | A16.3 | Modded
Status Online Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 17 / 40
Location United States of America United States of America
Version Alpha 16.3
Platform Windows
Map Random Gen
Registered by ChocolateDoughnut
Registered since June 1st, 2017 09:01 PM EST
Last update October 20th, 2017 10:25 PM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 5 Zombies Running At Night

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Uptime 100%
Vote(s) 903
Rank 3
Score 1490
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Welcome to Dead Zone PvE! We are a community-oriented, heavily modded 7 Days to Die server. We offer a friendly atmosphere and deal with griefers and dupers as quickly as possible.

- Active Admins and Moderators
- PvE Only, Friendly Community
- Botman server manager ( to manage all of your in-game needs...teleports, waypoints, shopping, etc.
- Hold server events for players to compete together and win in-game and real-world prizes
- Tons of custom recipes, guns, tools, blocks, and other items
- "Noob crate" for first time more starting items than the vanilla game
- /spawn community area setup for mining infinite resources, hotel rooms for beginners not ready to wander out to make a base, workstations for community use, teleport station to go around the map, and traders to buy/sell goods.

Server specifics:
- Drop on Death - Nothing
- Drop on Quit - Nothing
- Zombie behavior: Walk during day, run at night
- Loot Abundance - 100%
- Loot Re-spawn Time - 5 days (in-game)
- Claim Size - 51
- Claim Duration - 14 days (Real-world)
- Overall difficulty - 5
- Global Ban List


- New spawn castle - The admin team has been hard at work building a brand new spawn area with more rooms, new resources, and a new castle theme!
- Rebalanced Progressions - Player level is set to 500, player skills at 200, most perks at 20 levels
- Deep Sea Diver Perk - scuba gear is no more. By maxing out Deep Sea Diving, you can go underwater for an additional 5 minutes!
- The Return of 10mm Ammo - SMG now uses 10mm ammo again (and you have the option of hollow point and incendiary as well, when you are able to make them)
- More Skill Points for all quests- changed to give 5 skill points (instead of 1) for completing quests to encourage more use of them
- Armor Progression - you will no longer be able to find armor schematics out in the wild, you must progress through the armor classes via perks in this order: hide, leather, scrap, iron, steel, military, diamond. Every tier has been rebalanced to give steady gains as you progress through the tiers, as follows:
- Plant, Cotton, and Hide: unchanged from previous protection values
- Leather: 25% increase from hide
- Scrap: 50% increase
- Iron: 75% increase
- Steel: 100% increase
- Military: 125% increase
- Diamond 175% increase
- Tool Progression - Iron to steel to diamond tools unlocked via perks and providing even gains in a similar fashion as the armor
- Reworked Scope/Silenced Weapons - each weapon now has it's own silenced barrel and scoped parts generic silenced barrel/scoped parts. Also, damaged has been re-adjusted so that you will see consistent damage gains across the board when switching to expanded/silenced/scoped weapons.
- New Crossbows - steel and diamond crossbows, along with their scoped counterparts, are now available
- Crossbow/bolt Progression - the regular crossbow will only be able to shoot regular iron crossbow bolts. You have to learn steel smithing to make steel crossbow bolts and the steel crossbow, then diamond smithing to do diamond crossbow bolts and the diamond crossbow. So every time you step up a crossbow, you can use the previous ammo + the new ammo introduced by the material being used.
- New and Renewed Quests - This marks the return of custom quests for the powerful weapons...Flame Thrower (yes, it's back!), AutoCrossbow, Expanded Ammo, M82, Auto Pistol and Shotgun. As well as the Auto Miner, Auto Farmer, Chicken Coop, and Animal Snares You will be able to buy one of those quests each week, so make sure you get em when you can!
- New Ores - You can now find zinc and copper when mining for minerals. You can smelt these into the forge to make brass (and I will be adding more recipes down the line). They will also be available at the resource area at spawn, but with the usual diminished returns.
- Diamond Wrench - A stronger and speedier version of the wrench. Need to unlock diamond smithing to make.
- Rebalanced loot tables - reworked the system for giving out custom parts and items
- Legendary Weapons/Tools - First one up is Lucille, Negan's bat from TWD!. These items are extremely rare, but when you find one, you'll know it! Limit one per person,

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