Hostname Mayhem PvP | 2xLOOT | 1.5xEXP | Bot | Start W Sniper MP5
Status Online Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 10 / 40
Location United States of America United States of America
Version Alpha 16.3
Platform Linux
Map Random Gen
Registered by N1tsuD
Registered since August 16th, 2017 07:05 PM EST
Last update October 23rd, 2017 09:32 AM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 5 Zombies Running At Night

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Current Updates

10 22 17
Has auto reboot has been added today
Server is on a Dedicated Box
NY Location
Intel Core i7 6700K
32 GB DDR4
1 Gbps Port
10K GB Premium Transfer

10 20 17
Earn 1 Mayhem per minute played (passive cash gain)
Lotto resets at 100 Mayhems

10 16 17
Current live map:
FIXED: new port is 8003


PVP, but with tons of zombies. Fear the zombies and players combined as it should be, not sit in a hole day 3 and feel invincible... which is everywhere else that is not PVP and raiding.

Drop on death = Bag
Your Toolbelt and what you wear is SAFE
Kill strangers only is ON to prevent friendly fire
1.5 Experience gain rate on all zombies

*Live Map!
*Does NOT show players
If you log in via steam you can see the map zombies and animals.

24 hour cycle : 60
Daylight hours: 20 of 24 (Night at 22:00, and Day at 2:00)
Block Durability: 100
Airdrops : 24
Loot X2
Loot Respawn: 3 days
Drop on death: Backpack
Blood Moon Count: 24
Enemy Spawning, yes!
Max zombies alive: 80
Max Animals: 100
Claim size: 51
Claim deadzone: 60
Claim duration: 14
Claim Decay: 0
Claim health online: 12 (This is very low to promote base raiding while the owner is home)
Claim health offline: 100 (This is very high since it is a full raid server)

Claim Blocks now take 1000 forged steel to create, and not 100 forged iron. This will promote more base raiding to take other players claim blocks.

Use commands /gimme, and /gamble to win free stuff and Mayhems.

Teleportation and PVP settings:

/Return is disabled.
Teleporting to friends and waypoints is currently disabled.
/pack is on. This allows you to teleport back to where you died free of cost, and has no delay.
/base command to return to your base costs 100 Mayhems (after using /setbase to set it..). It has no delay which is why the cost so its not abused as easily in pvp.
After a PVP kill any active tele commands have a 20min delay. This gives the player killed a chance to find and return the favor via /pack, or a bedroll respawn nearby.

Location /lobby has a no delay but costs 100 Mayhems to travel to it, and is a price to help prevent /lobby as free way to run from PvP. If you want to leave for free take the risk of the exits directly into the world from lobby.

Region resets for replayability of towns and cities is done once a week. New cities and towns are marked within a day or two of being found and will become reset zones so don't build in them.

It is PvP and raid, but the server will not allow for toxic people or heavy griefing. Don't be a$$hole about raiding just break in, take some stuff, and leave.

Previous Updates:
9 27 17

New Map for 16.3

New Lobby, much nicer!

Busted legs... not an issue anymore:
Broken leg now only takes 2 real time minutes to self heal
Sprain leg now only takes 1 real time minute to self heal

9 30 17
Claim health online raised to 12x online.

Claim Blocks now take 1000 forged steel to create, and not 100 forged iron. This will promote base raiding of other players to steal claims.

10 2 17
Website added:

Airdrop frequency raised to 24hr from 72hrs

10 6 17
Discord added:

10 7 17
83 regions all cities and towns refreshed this morning, like new again.

bloodmoon location added.
Get there with /bloodmoon. This is so you don't have to be a panzy and log out on blood moon. It's a PvE area to kill zombies along with other people. This is also so your base doesn't' get wrecked during blood moon. It does cost 100 mayhem to travel to it, but any admins on can also fetch you to it if you don't have the mayhems to pay yet.

Other Notes:

Donors gain these added abilities:
Travel 5km further out past the radiation zone than other players. We may or may not allow bases to be created out here by donors. This is still in discussion with the player base. This is NOT a pay to win server. Donors will NOT have a PvP or raid advantage over you if you do not donate. It is to help us if you want to and gain a few abilities in the process.

Don't forget to use the live map to see zombies and animals, but it does NOT show players.

You cannot see the map if you're not logged into it via steam (green button bottom left corner).