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Mayhem PvP Raid | Map Has No Water | Start W Guns | Bot |
Hostname Mayhem | Survival Server | Raid | PvP | No Admins
Status Checked 2 hours ago / Online 47 days ago
Players 0 / 30
Location United States of America United States of America
Version Alpha 16.4
Platform Linux
Map Random Gen
Registered by AlluCash2
Registered since October 31st, 2017 10:18 PM EST
Last update January 22nd, 2018 11:38 AM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 5 Zombies Running At Night

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Closed till A17 see discord for info.

1 total wipe in 3 months, plus the only thing donors gain is WPs and a reserved slot nothing else.
This is a player-driven server with no interference by admins cause there are none.

PvP & Raid, but WITH tons of zombies for PvE as well.
Fear the zombies and players combined as it should be, not sit in a hole day 3 and feel invincible... which is everywhere else that is not PVP and raiding.

It is PvP and raid, but the server will not allow for toxic people or heavy griefing. Don't be a$$hole about raiding just break in, take some stuff, and leave.

DO NOT PLACE A /set base OR waypoint in anyone's base if you have removed their claim block during raid to raid again simply by warping back in that will not be tolerated, and your char will be at risk for deletion or ban!

HEAVY DUPING will not be tolerated and your char will be at risk for deletion or ban!

Drop on death = Bag
Your Toolbelt and what you wear is SAFE
Kill strangers only is ON to prevent friendly fire

*Live Map!
Shows Map ONLY

Discord added:

(See website click on donate button)
- A reserved slot
- Ability to set an additional 4 waypoints beyond that of just /setbase
- Name becomes a lime-green (most votes by players are for Yellow and Green so far)

Changes to the server such as delays etc are voted on by the players.
When we have votes please help with a simple yay or nay.

Region resets for replayability of towns and cities will happen periodically so DO NOT BUILD IN THEM
Check the region your base is in make sure it is not inside same region as a city; use the live map to do this!


Zombie dupe no longer works here
Also, further automated processes added to keep server clean

12 28 17
More upgrades to traders location.

12 27 17
New Players R blue for 24hrs real time played on server.
Blue Players R SAFE from Est red players with over 24hrs on server.
Blue players are fair game amongst each other.

Live Map NO longer shows hostiles or animals.

Corn can be harvested again, BUT pick it wild do not plant!

12 23 17
Can harvest Goldenrod again, but plz pick it wild do not plant crops of it!

Changes to Zombies

Boosted (to make end game players fear zombies still):

12 18 17
FULL Fresh wipe finally... 3-month-old chars... 15 regions were about 2 months old...
Start room + Traders + Prison in 1 high FPS location built for functionality use /traders instead of /lobby.

Weather effects, temp swings, hot, cold effects all nerfed.

see section "Teleportation and PVP settings:"

12 7 17
Water has been removed. It can still be found in POIs and we have a well in the lobby.
Water buckets disabled.

11 26 17
Prisoners are stuck in prison for 1 hr by default when bot auto arrests someone for, as an example, killing in the lobby.
Disabled harvestable plants to prevent lag resulting from 16.4 issues associated with harvesting crops that have been planted by players. Buy them in lobby for cheap.

11 7 17
CPU upgraded to 7700
Ram upgraded to 48gig
Player slots upgraded to 30
That upgrade is a result of player donations thank you, donors!

11 5 17
/pack has been disabled due to issues with it.
Hardness of claims changed to 14x online and offline (it only reads online anyway).

Claim Blocks now take 1000 forged steel to create, and not 100 forged iron. This will promote more base raiding to take other players claim blocks.

11 1 17
Busted legs... not an issue anymore:
Broken leg now only takes 2 real time minutes to self heal
Sprain leg now only takes 1 real time minute to self heal

Teleportation and PVP settings:

/Return is disabled.
Teleporting via waypoints is only avail to donors, see below under donor section.
/pack is OFF.
Player Commanded Teleport delay 20 seconds
waypoint cooldown 20 seconds
Waypoint cost 100 Mayhems
All public locations cost 100 Mayhems
Lottery multiplier 1
Zombie reward 4 Mayhem
*/base or /home cooldown 20 min between uses
*/base /home cost 100
*/base /home cost and delay ignored if used in a PvE area