Daddy's Secret - PVE - MEDIEVAL MODDED - ver b17.1

Hostname Daddy's Secret - MEDIEVAL (MODDED PVE) Version (b17)
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 0 / 30
Location United States of America
Version Alpha 16.4
Platform Windows
Map Random Gen
Registered by Zombiehunter0502
Registered since March 21st, 2018 04:53 PM EST
Last update August 6th, 2018 10:31 PM EST
Tag(s) Difficulty 4 Zombies Running At Night

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We are a few guys that love the game 7 Days to Die. Our Server Name is Daddy's Secret - PVP - MODDED and is under the Modded Servers Area. We are dedicated to making our Server one of the best and are here to please our players. We have lots and lots of different prefabs and different types of zombies and boss zombies. Also we have custom blocks and will try to come up with more along the way.

Our IP address is: and Our Port is: 30900
Our Website:
Our Team Speak Channel:

-We are using BOTMAN BOT ( Big Brother of the Server )
-Server Type: PVP ONLY
-Server Player Limit: Currently 30
-Map Size: Non Donors 10,000, Donors 10,000
-Drop on Death: Everything
-Drop on Logout: Nothing
-Land Claim Size: 25 at Hardness set to 14 Online and 20 Offline
-Rewards For Voting
-Zennies are our server Coins, They can be used to buy Items From Our Shop Which We Have Many Items Added for Purchasing.
-Increased Stack Limits for Many of Our Items
Land Claims Should Be Used as a Protection
Teleportation is available for Base Teleport Locations, DONOR BENEFITS ( Thanks To Our Wonderful BOT )

DONORS Get: 2 Base Teleports, TWO Waypoint's of Their Very Own Which Can Be Shared With Friends. Also 15 Gimmes. We also have BUNDLE 2 and BUNDLE 3 Donorships as well all info is on our webpage.

We Have Prefab's Galore, Modded Blocks, Items, Weapons & Zombies & Are Coming Up With More All The Time. We Take Everyone's Ideas Into Consideration & Try Our Best To Make Them Happen!


Exceptions Are: These Rules are Mainly for our PVE Servers Grandpa's, Grandma's & Mamas. Our PVP Server Daddy's Rules that apply will say they are for Daddy's Server.

1- No killing of players unless in marked PVP zones, and no cheating of any type or a Ban will be issued.

2- ( Including Daddy's Server EXCEPT the Looting Part ) No greifing or looting of players bases, No EXPLOITING no exceptions! Exploiting is Duping or using some other means to gain materials or levels to get ahead. This is cheating in our eyes and will result in a permanent ban!

3- No taking over large lootable prefabs such as, Stores, Large Bunkers (small ones are ok), Prisons, ANYTHING that has many lootable items and NO you MAY NOT destroy the lootable items so you can live in them! You may only live in single houses or build your own. If found living in these areas we will remove and destroy all crates and items found within them so if you are unsure please ask a staff member if it is ok to live where you are wanting to.

4- No building of bases, placing land claims, or setting base protections no closer than what is posted on the server you are on. If Nothing is posted than nothing closer than 100 blocks of cities, towns, groups of buildings, or trader settlements. If bases are found closer than what is posted or if nothing is posted than 100 blocks of such areas we may be nice and ask you to move, BUT.... we have the right to destroy any bases found along with all crates and items. Rules are posted here, and on the game Hud and are easily seen so you have been warned!

5- Any killing of a player will result in a 48 hour BAN, 2nd offense is a permant BAN UNLESS.... It is accidental and is stated by both parties and or to protect yourself from being killed by someone.

6- Our BOTS are very wise oh yes they are. Their names are GRAMPS, GRANNY, MAMA & DADDY. They know when you are a Hacker and will BAN you automatically. They know when you have killed someone and will place you in Prison. Only the person you killed or an ADMIN can release you from Prison.

7- ( For Daddy's Secret NO RACIST or HURTFUL NAMES ) On the server's Grandpa's, Grandma's & Mama's Secrets Player Names MUST Be Respectable Names or the staff may ask you to please change your name. Nothing that is RACIST of any sort or a name that purposely is there to hurt anyone such as Handicap or other types of issues!

8- ( Daddy's Secret Only ) NO CAMPING OUTSIDE PLAYERS BASES! NO WAYPOINTS SET OUTSIDE OF PLAYERS BASES! Doing so can lead to a Temp to Perm Ban from the Server!

Come Give Us A Try We Strive To Please Everyone & We Welcome ALL New Players!

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