GamePlebs PVE

GamePlebs PVE
Hostname GamePlebs PVE |Wiped:12/14|2.5X XP|150% LOOT
Status Checked 2 hours ago / Online 29 days ago
Players 0 / 20
Location United States of America
Version Alpha 18.2
Platform Windows
Map GamePlebs_1
Registered by Hinukan
Registered since October 13th, 2019 05:14 AM EST
Last update November 23rd, 2019 11:04 PM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 5

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About the server:

We're a community centered PVE server that promotes helping others, as well as working to keep things fair.
We don't tolerate toxic players, cheaters or trolls.

There are some rules you'll need to follow, but they are common sense things.

The server is also featured on live streams at random times. So you could be a star! Or something like that...


Server Settings

- Land Claim Size - 100 Blocks
- Land Claim Dead Zone: 100 Blocks
- Bed Protection: 30 Blocks
- Land Claim Duration - 30 days
- Base protection: Full for the duration of claim

- XP Boost: 250%
- Loot Boost: 150%
- Loot Respawn: Every 7th day after looting
- Air Drop Markers set to on

- Drop on Death - Backpack Only
- Drop on Quit - Nothing

- Game Difficulty - 5

- Max Zombies - 60 zombies
- Max Animals - 70 animals

- Loot Reset - Every 7 in-game days
- Loot Modifier: 120%
- Air Drops - Every 3 in-game days
- Air Drop Markers: On

- Server Restarts - Once a day a 6:30 (18:30) PM EST, unless a blood moon is active
- Automated announcements


What is life like on Game Plebs PVE?

You'll be part of a growing community that is geared toward helping one another and being treated fairly.
Even the admins make it a point to be fair by playing like normal players. No god mode or flying around unless it is to help others.

You'll experience random events and encounters.

But most of all, you'll have fun!

GamePlebs Special Features:

!gimme (use this to get something free every hour)
!shop (Earn credits by killing zombies, being online, and using discord!)

- Starter kit. - (Get a pistol, spear, bike, food and a knife!)
- Pets and animated statues. - (Awarded to regular players at level 25 by Hinukan. Send a message on discord or in game when you hit 25.)
- Giant animals, killer chickens, Champion Zombies
- Custom working secure storage. Fridges, pill cases. bookcases, etc.
- Custom Decor that can't normally be used, like ammo piles.
- Working selection of ovens. Wall, Stove, Wood Stove.
- Faster vehicles with better traction.
- Trees have a chance to drop feathers, eggs and honey.
- Zombies - Boss zombies. Buffed Demo zombies. Attack on titan zombies...
- Balanced Stack Size - Stacks have been increased on several items but still be game feel friendly.
- Vote Funds (Get coins and shop currency for voting!)
- Cloud Control - Gimme, Shop, and automated features!
- Recipes - Custom foods and special recipes for special things like decor!
- Special Holiday items during...well...holidays.
- Special Events. - (AKA: The admins randomly do fun stuff)
- Random animals falling from the sky. - (Hey, it's free meat right?)
- Your base randomly filled with loot bags! - (Santa?)
- Balanced recipes. - (1 meat for 1 steak for example, rather than 5 meat for 1 steak.)
- Make coal in the campfire. - (Sort of makes sense huh?)
- Harvest zombies for resources. - (Hey, they tried to eat you right!?)
- Combat 9mm Auto Pistol.
- Custom Ammo: Shock rounds
- Custom Ammo: Incendiary rounds
- Elemental Weapon versions. - (Feel the power of the gods!)
- Incendiary Grenades - (Napalm strike!!)
- A large, and growing, selection of dye colors. - (You can look like the fabulous warrior you always wanted to be!)
- Realistic M60. - (Not the same as vanilla stats, mimics real world)
- Custom Ragdoll physics. - (Nothing beats watching zombies fly to the moon!)
- Ultra Mega Chicken. - (Ever seen Aqua Teen Hunger Force?)
- Ultra Vulture - (Run, run for your lives!)
- Ongoing custom coded mods and QOL updates for this server.
- Continuous updates.
- A helpful admin staff


Mod Information

We make it a point to use mods sparingly, as it prevents downtime or conflicts when new
versions of 7D2D are released. By writing our own mods, it's also much easier to fix
issues if they happen.

We also never use mods that require you to download anything. These are all client friendly.

All that said, we're always open to adding more features so long as they won't cause
conflicts, or make things "too easy". It is a survival crafting game after all, so
get out there and explore!