Please Stand By...

Please Stand By...
Hostname Please Stand By | PVE | PVP | Class System RPG
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Players 0 / 30
Location United States of America
Version Alpha 18.2
Platform Linux
Map Custom
Registered by Techiesces
Registered since November 5th, 2019 12:36 AM EST
Last update November 15th, 2019 02:16 PM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 4

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This is the most difficult server you will ever play!

This server is designed to be challenging and requires teamwork to succeed.

We use a class system that will limit you to only three of the eight attributes. Choose Wisely.

You will choose a background story to explain how you survived the fallout from war and didn't die or turn into a zombie.

Some zones will be reset by system. This is announced in chat to not build in these areas. Mostly Just Major Cities Reset.

Zones are announced by Emergency Broadcast System in chat. Be careful not to kill anyone in PVE or the system will throw you in Jail which requires bail or one game day stay. There are no rules in PVP!!!

If you're here to play and have fun, come on inside! We are not responsible for lost or stolen property. Superliberty for more information.
Join us on Discord at


Probably the most difficult server you will ever play on for 7 Days to Die. Typical server reward quick leveling and high amount of valuable loot rewards. Our server is for players who are bored with the traditional quick leveling to be a god and then just slaughter millions of zombies for no reason. Our server requires teamwork and critical thinking. When you succeed and level, you will feel the sense of accomplishment that goes with it and you will know everyone else around you earned it as well. No pay to play and be ahead of others in a cheesy way.

We have 5 PVE Zones when new players can build and set a home base. Our lobby area is designed to allow low level players a safe haven in the beginning until they can manage to survive on their own out in the dangerous world. All tied into a story line of being a part of the White River Community and rebuilding for the future. Players will earn bustokens that will allow them to quick travel to and from their home, lobby and other PVE areas on the map. The White River Transit System does not travel in PVP areas however, so players will have to rely on their own means of transport ion in these dangerous areas.

The PVP zones are the most dangerous, especially in the burnt, desert or wasteland biomes. There are no busses and their are no laws to prevent players from killing each other if they want. Unlike in a PVE zones, players will not goto jail in PVP zones for murder. Tasty, tasty murder.... Some PVP zones are also designated as reset zones and you will not want to build in there or the system will wipe your hard work off the map. These are mostly restricted to our massive cities!

Teamwork is a must on this server! you and your team can form a clan which will earn you a clan tag on your name on the server so everyone knows what team you are part of and you will benefit from having players in your team who have skills and perks that you may be lacking as we are a class based system. By having a class system, becoming a god is difficult as you will never unlock 5 of the 8 attributes and their related perks, so you will need team mates who carry some of these other attributes and perks to help balance your team and provide for your overall survival.

There are 10 times more zombies, huge wandering hordes, continuous calling screamers to ruin your day. A Special Arena for waves of zombie events you can initiate yourself for your team if for some reason the server is just not throwing enough at you, haha. Special Lobby for beginners to use as a base and avoid bloodmoons if need be.

Devastating bloodmoons with 200% damage and nightmare speeds! Zombies do only 10% block damage on non bloodmoon days.

Looting for junk is on a new level. One man's junk is your refurbished treasure! Find more, pick up more, craft more.

Lots of special coins to earn from Quest coins, Miner coins, Loot coins and Blood coins. All used to help you with resources and unlock other unique rewards and quest lines.

More quests and loot boxes. Soon more zombies and bosses as well. Server still being designed as we speak but you can join anytime to start now!