-=MerQ=- Worlds End PvE - SinMod

-=MerQ=- Worlds End PvE - SinMod
Hostname -=MerQ=- Worlds End PvE A19 - Wiped 22 Jan
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 0 / 20
Location United States of America
Version Alpha 19.5
Platform Windows
Map SinValleyUSA
Registered by MerQ_Squad
Registered since November 16th, 2019 12:05 PM EST
Last update October 9th, 2020 12:43 PM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 5

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[size=200]-=MerQ=- Worlds End PvE[/size]

Server Settings
*Game Difficulty = 4
*Game Mode = Survival
*Combat Settings = Players cannot kill others
*Loot Abundance = 250%
*Loot Respawn (Days) = 3
*Air Drop Frequency = 24hrs
*Max Spawned Zombies = 100
*Max Spawned Animals = 80
*Land Claim Size = 51
*Land Claim Expiry Time = 21days
*Land Claim Decay Mode = Full Protection
*XPMultiplier = 200%
*LandClaimCount = 2

Install SinMod Modlets
*Download SinMod from our MerQ Squad website .
*Go to your Steam application and right click on 7 Days to Die.
*Select and choose the tab.
*Select , this should open a separate window where your game in installed.
*Open the SinMod-master.zip file, that you downloaded from website, and drag and drop the SinMod modlets into the folder. If you don't have a folder you'll need to create one.

*Custom Starter Classes
*Custom UI that includes thirst and hunger, and adds info to the compass area.
*Added x3 slot to the forge input.
*Ability to dismantle ammo after finding the book to unlock.
*Auto re-spawn Cars and Boulders.
*Ability to craft Jail door and Jail bars.
*Added Donor Crate to thank our donors for their support.
*Custom SinMod Game Menu.
*Stack increase.
*Added custom horns for vehicles.
*Added additional seat to all vehicles.
*Added Working kitchen, and Working Sinks to get clean drinking water.
*Custom Zombies.
*Special Admin Blocks for building in game events and lobbies (can only be broke with Dev: Digger).
*Custom Flags for Players to use as a Landclaim, Donors will receive a custom made flags if they wish, designed by Rockagie or Sinistermind81.
*Craft Scrap Iron and Steel Bars.
*Stripper Zombies will give you Herpes, use protection.
*More to Come......

Up and Coming Mods
*Custom Zombies and Zombie Bosses
*Lots of custom food.[/*][*]Ultimate Power tools.
*Fuel Logs for increased burn time.
*Auto miner
*Junction Block - A concrete block that works like a relay for hiding wires in walls.