BadPlayer Gaming | PVP | Alpha 18.3 Stable

BadPlayer Gaming | PVP | Alpha 18.3 Stable
Hostname BadPlayer Gaming|PVP|18.3 Stable
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 0 / 30
Location United States of America
Version Alpha 18.3
Platform Linux
Map WaywardPinesPVP
Registered by badplayer_7_days
Registered since January 16th, 2020 06:49 PM EST
Last update February 19th, 2020 07:01 PM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 4

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Welcome to BadPlayer Gaming PVP, a desolate place not fit for any human. Watch your back for zombies and humans. Be challenged in this player vs player world and don't get killed by another player because they will surely swipe everything off your warm corpse. Disguise and fortify your base well, you don't want to lose all that you have worked so hard for.

We have a top notch server with all the bells and whistles. 60 slot backpack, RAT server manager, live map, Discord, virtual currency, virtual store, teleports, 2 teleports per player, 4 land claim blocks per player, gimme system that blows everyone else out of the water, rewards for your votes on here, custom food recipes, custom blocks, custom UI mods and much more.

Join our discord to see all the rules , mods and info.

Our safehouse is designed for the apocalypse. Fortified with impenetrable cars and a state of the art radio system to get in touch with survivors. There are 2 traders stationed here with player vending machines and food vending machines. There is no PVP allowed here. PVE only.

Communal Horde Base
The communal horde base is a gutted and re-purposed prison with a munitions depot in the center. The munitions depot houses vending machines full of ammo, meds and repair kits. There is also a high power radio for communications to the safehouse and with any other survivors.
There are 4 sniper towers on each corner of the horde base for taking out zeds at a long distance. There is also a sniper tower in the munitions depot to get far away targets and zombies along the fence line. There is no PVP allowed here. PVE only.

Custom 12K Map
The map is custom made by the NitroGen app. There are plenty of cities to loot and mountains to hide in.

Server Info
Warrior game difficulty
90 minutes days
18 hour day light length
Drop tool belt only on death
48 hour marked airdrops
Zombies walk during the day
Zombies jog at night
Feral zombies run
Zombies sprint on blood moons
150% XP and loot
4 land claims per person
41 meter claim size with 30 meter dead zone
9 traders in the wild and 2 at the safehouse

My mods bring all the boys to the yard. And they're like, it's better than yours

Food Mods
Super Cottage Pie (Uses super corn with no chance of food poisoning)

Item/Block Mods
Starter kit quest
Barbed wire sheets
3m tube and tunnel blocks
3m bulletproof glass tunnel blocks (for making gerbil runs)
Craftable hardened chests
Craftable wood log spikes upgradeable to steel

UI Mods
60 slot backpack
Backpack buttons
Temp and height added under compass
Compass markers
Day, time, temp, height added on most menus
Water and food bars under left HUD

Live map
PVE server
Play nowsteam://connect/

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