Blood Moon Main Server - PvPvE More Zed-custom Zed-12k map-MODS- 5x xp-3x loot- no build restrictions

Blood Moon Main Server - PvPvE More Zed-custom Zed-12k
Hostname Blood Moon Server PVE HARD-8k map-Very Modded server side-5xp 3
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 0 / 50
Location United States of America
Version Alpha 19.6
Platform Windows
Map Miskatonic
Registered by robotcarnival
Registered since June 30th, 2021 08:26 PM EST
Last update June 30th, 2021 08:26 PM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 4

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PvPvE with a focus on PvE for collaboration - seriously, we might have gone a little nuts with our beefy custom server-
-more zed and custom zed & bosses
-5x XP because you can be lvl 60 and still get you a$$ kicked
-3x Loot & more loot from Zed kills
- NO Build restrictions, take over a town with your friends... we have ;)
- Roaming hordes, think World War Z with a mix of The Walking Dead

Blood Moons - ok this is where things get fun. 180 zed are going to rush your base. You have to keep your eyes on the ground AND the sky.
There are boss level spawns that will smash against your base. We have a custom zombie mod that has added a number of new zombies to
the fun - parasite, bomber, plagued, wraith, banshee, grave digger and more - each if you can take them down give out serious xp and loot.

Start Items and tweaks to the beginning quests.

More drops / better drops - we added a mod to the server that tweaks the reward system to make a little more sense. Depending on your
levels and knowledge you have a good possibility to get something that will help and not just take up space in the inventory.

Custom 12K map - we got detailed when generating this map and went through dozens before we found one that we thought would be
the most fun.

White River Mod / Quests - we have the entire mod group running. From different glass types to Greek Fire, it's full of stuff that will pop
zed with ease... until they swarm over you walls... :)

More Quests and Quest Items - again an other mod, more specialization, more recipes, better quests and storylines, rewards have been tweaked.

Other mods - better spikes, better gems, faster tree growth (more trees), more diversity of Zed in all Biomes, Car respawner, zed site range, More seating on Vehicles for friends, faster vehicles, better forges and workbenches, and bigger backpacks.

We're also playing around with ideas for stories that we will post to the website... kinda a survival blog story - day by day. Server wide events
are also on our radar. We also would love some Youtuber and Twitch users to pop in. Just contact us and we can dish out some perks.