A20.5 b2 Stable

Posted on May 16th, 2022 03:27 PM EST

Hello everyone!

Today we give you 20.5 stable with fixes for crashes and also a fix for the drone that caused issues in MP. 

We are aware of the following regarding this build:

  1. We are seeing reports of the Discord overlay potentially crashing the game, please read here[support.discord.com]. Please scroll to "Overlay Issues".
  2. EOS issue with macOS Monterey, you can still play without EAC until this is fixed by EOS.
  3. Party voice for macOS does not currently work and needs to be fixed by EOS in a future update.
  4. Party voice currently not supported on Linux, waiting for a fix by EOS.
If you are not on macOS Monterey and you crash, you can try starting the game without EAC or run the game's 7dLauncher.exe directly from the game folder. If you can play then, great, but please help us by reporting the crash following the link below.

If you are still crashing, please take your time to report a bug, after reading this: 

If you still crash before the game starts, we would need your launcher.log and the anticheatlauncher.log.
Please provide them in a bug report following the link above.

Mods folder

Due to restrictions from Microsoft, FUTURE updates may change the location of the Mods folder.

These restrictions make it so that the Mods folder can longer be in the same installation folder as 7 Days to Die.

You can specify the location of the UserDataFolder in the game launcher. The Mods folder can then be placed in that folder.

 Add the following to the command line:




The UserDataFolder can also be set in the serverconfig.xml file.




<property name="UserDataFolder" value="C:MyServerUsersTFP123456MyDediSaves" />


A20.5 b2

  • Server browser now shows warning when results hit the search limit 
  • Localization files are tested for a valid header line and show appropriate errors 
  • Removed EAC compatibility warning on Windows 11
  • Voice comms fail for player who was voiced in multi player party who then leaves game to main menu then rejoins game and party 
  • Voice chat fails to initiate for latest joiner to the party 
  • EAC error after entering server password 
  • Reenabled player reporting 
  • UserDataFolder and SaveGameFolder did not allow gamedir relative paths 
  • PartSpawn in POI Marker doesn't pull parts from mod folders 
  • XUi FilledSprite view not properly updating on position changes 
  • Drone causing excess data in player data .ttp file on dedi 

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