V1.0 Release Notes

Posted on June 20th, 2024 04:20 PM EST
Hey Survivors,
In preparation for 1.0 Experimental Streamer Weekend tomorrow June 21st at 12 PM CST followed by the Public 1.0 Experimental release on Monday June 24th we have posted on our website the Official 1.0 Release Notes[7daystodie.com], Important dates ahead, console news and more.

7 Days to Die 1.0: Important Dates
Here is the current schedule. Note some dates are still subject to change.
  • June 21st - 7 Days to Die 1.0 Experimental - Streamer Weekend Steam[7daystodie.com]
  • June 24th - 7 Days to Die 1.0 Experimental - Public Experimental Steam
  • June 28th (Tentative Date) - Console Edition 1.0 - Wishlisting PS5 & Xbox Series X/S
  • July 15th (Tentative Date) - Delisting the Legacy Console Game from digital stores
  • July 25th - 7 Days to Die 1.0 Official Stable - Steam and Microsoft PC
  • July 25th (Tentative Date) - Console Edition 1.0 - PS5 and Xbox Series X/S launch including a 25% Discount on the purchase of the new product for Legacy Digital owners of the PS4 and Xbox One Telltale Edition. (Discount Subject to Console Policies)

Version 1.0 Streamer Weekend
If you missed the News 7 Days to Die 1.0 Streamer Weekend Event[7daystodie.com] will begin: THIS FRIDAY, June 21st at 12 PM CST. Fans will be able to see over 250 streamers from thirty countries, in sixteen different languages in this three day event:

7 Days to Die 1.0: Over a Decade in the Making
After nearly twelve years of early access, the highly anticipated Version 1.0 release of 7 Days to Die is here! This momentous milestone marks a significant evolution in the survival horror genre, paired with an updated release for current-gen consoles coming in just a few weeks.

The 1.0 Edition brings more optimizations, polish, quality-of-life improvements, new content, new features, and new gameplay systems than ever before.

If you have never played 7 Days to Die or you have not played it for a while, you’re going to want to check out version 1.0. Building on an already amazing foundation, this update sets the bar even higher for the survival genre.

V1.0 Features Video

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