V1.0 b312 EXP Update

Posted on July 2nd, 2024 03:37 PM EST
Hello Survivors!
Today we have the 1.0 b312 EXP update for you.

How to participate:
  1. Right click on the game in steam
  2. Click on properties
  3. Click the “betas” tab
  4. The drop down menu will now have latest_experimental available <— you want THAT
  5. Select that and wait for the game to download

Here is what changed from b309:

  • Hazmat zombie SFX
  • Inventory UI Audio Grandpa's Special Elixirs
  • Inventory UI Audio Knuckles
  • Inventory UI Audio Wraps
  • Inventory UI Audio Medical Items
  • Set of small POI terrain parts
  • rwg_tile_gateway_straight3a / rwg_tile_gateway_straight3b
  • Scout zombies can now spawn one or two and will be feral or radiated at higher game stages
  • Allow manual line breaks with "n" in ServerDescription
  • Added a sidewalk part for store_hardware_01 in navezgane
  • The Fun Pimps song while showing credits
  • All languages for new entries and updates
  • New hair colors and fixes
  • Info about allowed characters in serverconfig.xml comment for GameName
  • Inventory UI Audio Drinks

  • Updated the description of Magnum Enforcer Vol 2 to call out the Enforcer Outfit
  • Updated bicycle slide and bounce sounds
  • Changed ShowQuestClearCount to 3 on base_military_01
  • Increased the HP of player coolers
  • Updated flags, tags, harvest, xp, and max health of Dire Wolves
  • Increased damage, infection, and abrasion settings for meleeHandAnimalDireWolf
  • Updated several entity groups to include Dire Wolves
  • Hordestone now adds more zombies per party member
  • Dire Wolf behaves like a zombie
  • QA issues addressed
  • All loot room chests now use new groupArmorPartsChests with no cloth/leather and chances for 1 to 3 of the other armor crafting parts
  • Removed required held item from harvest challenges
  • Tagged more harvestable props for some harvest challenges
  • Reduced the tracking distance for some harvest challenges
  • Updated tag for lock pick loot boost from Lock Picking perk
  • Forge Ahead magazine loot boost from Lock Picking perk is now capped at level 15 of workstation crafting
  • Updated explosion radius stat displays for grenades and other throwables
  • Harvest Challenge short descriptions to match updated parameters
  • Harvest Rotted Meat Challenge description to match updated parameters
  • Updated descriptions for Hordestone Twitch Game Events
  • Updated salvaging XP stat on Scavenger Hat to prevent any confusion of the XP type
  • Updated localization for dew collector description
  • Iron storage crate texture balance for low light levels
  • Ingame texture balance
  • Updated archetypes.xml with the new hair color swatches
  • Lock Pick perk level 1 no longer has a lockpick loot bonus
  • Lock Pick perk level 2 now gives 1 extra lockpick when found in loot
  • Lock Pick perk level 3 now gives 2 extra lockpicks when found in loot
  • Updated localization for modArmorTreasureHunterDesc to reflect values in xml
  • Armor Plating Mods and Banded Armor Plating Mods can no longer be installed into heavy armor to prevent immunity to damage due to stacking issues
  • Very small reduction to max Physical and Elemental Damage Resist on heavy armor to prevent immunity to damage due to stacking issues
  • Reduced Q6 Preacher outfit Undead Damage Resist from 20 to 15% to prevent immunity to damage due to stacking issues
  • Updated localization for plating mods to reflect installation changes
  • Updated Boomstick perk long descriptions with missing loot bonus verbiage
  • Adjusted weighting of resource cloth to allow proper scraping of items like bandages and duct tape
  • Splints now scrap for cloth instead of wood
  • Moved store_hardware_01 to countrytown, with necessary driveway parts
  • rwg_tile_gateway_straight3 removed broken bridge parts to work with straight3a and straight3b until the imposter issue is solved

  • Inventory window is accessible for dropped loot bags that have disappeared
  • Failing Steam Group validation can lock up the login process
  • Navezgane blem in road
  • Soft lock when joining multiplayer game from launch intent and then declining EULA
  • Changing display settings messes with UI sizing
  • Added workarounds and fixes for several POI reset issues
  • Bicycle could play slide sound from forward motion when not sliding
  • Vehicles would often not play slide sound from breaking
  • Game crash related to EOS_Achievements_UnlockedAchievement_Release
  • Rolling NRE spam if upgrading block as zombie breaks it
  • base_military_01 infestation chest & missing texture
  • downtown_filler_07 QA issues addressed
  • Fixed the ability to get incomplete quest on base_military_01 from bypassing switches
  • Errant challenge hint for Place Door Challenge
  • Wrong challenge hint for Place Land Claim Challenge
  • Effects Textures do not refresh after quality settings change
  • Hordestones do not respawn correctly
  • Fixed Minifills should now use cylinders and spheres
  • Pressing W to remove an armor piece doesn't update the character
  • Damage from clients does not trigger the hordestone spawning
  • Vehicle, drone and turret placement could duplicate them
  • Light Array exception in chunk generation
  • Equipment Stack calling slot change twice when handling move to preferred location
  • Trader protection was removed for clients without data
  • #rename_signs no longer worked with the new player containers
  • Twitch GameEvent block buffs now give credit for kills correctly
  • Electrical items that contain inventory lose all inventory on breakdown
  • BlockVendingMachine and BlockSleeper were not properly clearing their TileEntity counterparts
  • Consumables exploit using a charged bow
  • the grenade pin reappears in grenade after it has been tossed
  • Chunk Persistence tooltip localization inconsistency
  • Fixed terrain blending with flat ground in rwg_tile_rural_corner_02
  • Fixed terrain density issue on rwg_tile_rural_corner_02
  • Fixed nonclimbable rope in abandoned_house_07
  • store_gun_01 missed trigger volume
  • Formatting on campfire placement challenge
  • Picking up forge leaves behind unit_ resources
  • Conditional evaluation in XUi XMLs
  • ServerDescriptions were escaping BB codes
  • Stuck toolbelt tooltip
  • Unable to filter for XP only death penalty in server browser

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