Alpha 2 coming next week

Posted on November 3rd, 2013 03:13 PM EST
7 Days To Die Alpha 2 will be released next week.

Alpha 2 will include:
  • New Game modes including Deathmatch and Zombie Horde mode with several new maps to support these new modes.
  • A new menu look with bunch of user game mode customization options, a new server browser for finding games easy and a game scoreboard.
  • New items and weapons including crossbows, pipebombs, repair wrenches and more!
  • New enemies including the Acid Puking Hulk, wall climbing Spider Zombies, new zombie sounds and more!
  • New locations in Navezgane including a huge Wasteland City, a new housing development and more!
  • Improved Network protocol for better performance and larger player counts above 8 and NAT punch through for player ran servers as well as dedicated servers.

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