7 Days To Die Alpha 14.5

Posted on April 7th, 2016 06:05 PM EST
7 days to die updates alpha
7 Days To Die Alpha 14.5 has been released on Steam.

Alpha 14.5 servers are available here : http://7daystodie-servers.com/version/alpha_14_5/

Alpha 14.5 Official Release Notes.

  • Fixed: accidental female face checkin with reference photo on it.
  • Fixed: Crosshair is not visible while aiming with a rocket launcher
  • Fixed: Trees disappear after being shot with Rocket Launcher
  • Fixed: Harvesting a mattress does not yield cloth
  • Fixed: Splinted leg time is displayed wrong and counts down too fast.
  • Fixed: Torch has no shadow implemented . Also fixed that the shadow wasn’t working at all.
  • Fixed: Temp fix for wrong scrap amounts
  • Fixed: Military Clothing is not mentioned in Armor Smithing’s description
  • Fixed: Multiple categories and listed items can be highlighted in Crafting Menu.
  • Fixed: Game locks up when a single forge resource goes >= 30k.
  • Fixed: Medicine skill increases blooddraw kit’s damage dealt to player.
  • Fixed: Delay is present between shot and hit from Nailgun
  • Fixed: old wooden chair playing cloth particles.
  • Fixed: snow on some windows is overbright/too much
  • Fixed: Weapon flashlights sometimes too bright
  • Fixed: Made sign alphabet objects double sided.
  • Fixed: black screen problem when quitting during death animation
  • Fixed: stag pain sound
  • Fixed: Minibike – Replacing fueled engine with shiftclick deletes the gas.
  • Fixed: Quick opening the In-Game menu after hitting an object causes hitpoints indicator to persist on screen.
  • Fixed: When Crawling Zombie gets hit with certain weapons, it stops moving along with animation reset (Joel)
  • Fixed: Closing Vault Hatch sound does not match the animation
  • Fixed: Feral horde zombies being stuck when out of visibility range and are disabled.
  • Fixed: Feral night horde day wraps correctly.
  • Fixed: If players logout during horde, horde zombies are not saved but the horde will spawn again as soon as someone joins.
  • Fixed: game object leak in emodel (affected all zombies).
  • Fixed: Attached flashlights on guns now match hand-held flashlight
  • Fixed: Removed apostrophe in description of FLAMING ARROW
  • Fixed: Lack of consistency with melee weapons’ crosshair.
  • Fixed: Adjusted flashlight and attached flashlights and mining helmet to match and be bright enough for gameplay
  • Fixed: Colored Bar is showing up under Crosshair.
  • Fixed divide by zero.
  • Fixed: Continuously pressing X/A button on empty slot in crafting menu causes the box to highlight and blank table to appear.
  • Fixed: Empty quality bar appears under item that serves as fuel in burning Forge/Campfire after reloading the game.


  • Changed: sound assignment on hatches in blocks.xml.
  • Changed: Lowered player respawn sound.
  • Changed: Lowered the radius for the treasure quests.
  • Changed: Nail gun sync and volume tweak.
  • Changed: Vault hatch close sound has more ca-chunk.
  • Changed: Lowered magnum volume
  • Changed: Lowered Auger even more
  • Changed: Handlebars can be crafted without a schematic.
  • Changed: Blunderbuss ammo scraps as paper.
  • Changed: settime cmd rewinds zombie horde days so it can be used to skip around to test.

Known Issues

  • Mac and Linux still have some rendering issues we’re investigating
  • Sounds on dedicated servers seem to stop playing after extended periods of time. Resetting the server fixes this.
  • Some folks are still experiencing crashed we are investigating this and suspect it’s a unity problem.
  • NRE can pop up after leaving a game and forces the player to close the game, we’re investigating
  • Minibike disappearing issues we’re investigating
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