7 Days To Die Alpha 14.7

Posted on June 20th, 2016 06:42 PM EST
7 Days To Die Alpha 14.7 has been released on Steam.

Alpha 14.7 servers are available here : http://7daystodie-servers.com/version/alpha_14_7/

Alpha 14.7 Official Release Notes


  • Crunched texture setting causes some terrain to render wrong colors to map
  • Connected support beam blocks are z-fighting
  • LOD changes colours on car windows and rims
  • Brass Faucets have different colors in preview and when placed
  • Forge particle effect causes performance drop
  • Player death animation not showing on drop all/delete all on death
  • Grown maple trees have their full hit points and resources
  • Shadows are showing up as 3D objects
  • Counter and Counter Around Sink are different textures
  • EAC update (fixes code certificate signature checks on older system)
  • Mismatched specular cutout atlas
  • Fire particles for the forge are pink (missing texture)
  • Servers don’t save time on crash/improper shutdown
  • Treasure quest loot can fall through terrain
  • InvalidCastException when another player has arrows in toolbelt and scrolls through them
  • Player is able to upgrade blocks without required resources
  • Supply crate may land out of the user’s reach
  • Zombies have a chance of walking on one leg
  • Fixed collision to glass pane prefab
  • Colored items are missing their color overlay in crafting menus
  • Reentering session with active crafting causes crafted item SFX to be audible outside of crafting menu
  • Buffwindow disappears when clicking on buff after inspecting item
  • Mining Helmet flashlight’s bulb is not bright when flashlight is on and player sits on the Minibike
  • When the Minibike has blocks above it it flies up when player is coming back to its chunk
  • Destroyed loot containers never dropping their contents when destroyed
  • Minibike’s name does not update
  • Pressure Plate resource exploit
  • Water cook times are inconsistent
  • Player may have endless coal supplied by destroying and rebuilding burned blocks
  • Cobblestone ramps may change rotation when upgraded to concrete
  • Minibike IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range
  • During gameplay loot/item pickup becomes difficult up close
  • Multiplayer kills show as “player died”
  • Medicine skill effects dont show on items or buffs
  • Minibike jumps on the water surface or shakes in the waterfall
  • Minibike causing insane damage to players


  • Game Launcher (currently only used when manually run from 7dLauncher.exe with SHIFT pressed or when selecting „Show game launcher“ from Steam start options)
  • 32 and 64 bit builds for Windows in the same download, switching done through the game launcher
  • Added size check for specular textures on atlas creation

Known issues

  • Chang’s head is too dark on linux
  • No longer used cobblestoneramp rotations may result in a faulty mesh

Known OS / crash issues

  • OSX: Default build crashes, use the latest_experimental_u52 (stable_u52 when non-experimental released) build from Steam.
  • OSX with Intel GPU and most likely some Linux systems with Intel GPU: black terrain
  • OSX: Might be seeing some kind of “checkerboard” graphics. Try latest_experimental_u52 (stable_u52 when non-experimental released) build from Steam.
  • Linux with AMD GPU and proprietary driver: Might still crash on launch. If so for some people running the game with “-force-gfx-direct” fixes this (add the parameter to the launch options in Steam). Alternatively if performance is good enough the open source driver should fix this too.
  • Linux: Crashes due to not being able to use PulseAudio. Might be fixed with this build.
  • Windows with NVIDIA GPU: driver versions 34x.xx are causing crashes when entering games. If there are no newer drivers for your card try using latest_experimental_u52 (stable_u52 when non-experimental released) build from Steam.
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