Dead Zone PvE | A21

Dead Zone PvE | A21
Server Information
Hostname Dead Zone PvE A21 150x XP 150x Loot
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 7 / 50
Location United States of America
Version Alpha 21.2
Platform Windows
Map Duwajiji Mountains
Registered by Robfly
Registered since May 24th, 2018 11:35 PM EST
Last update July 1st, 2023 01:13 AM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 4

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Vote(s) 572
Rank 22
Score 920
Favorited 100
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About This Server

Welcome to Dead Zone PvE!

Now running A21!! We are very focused on having a community-oriented and fun experience for all players. Any trolling and griefing is dealt with swiftly. Check out this page for information about the server, and check out for full details.

All Information below is from our long-running A20 server, and will soon be updated to reflect all of the mods we have ported over to A21. Have fun!


Spawn Area

We have a safe area on our server called Spawn. This is a community area where players can trade, be safe from zombies, mine infinite resources, play slot machines in a casino, take teleports to places around the map, etc. To get there, type /spawn in the in-game chat.


Server Settings

- Land Claim Size - 51 x 51
- Land Claim Duration -60 days
- Drop on Death - Nothing
- Drop on Quit - Nothing
- Zombie Difficulty - 5
- Max Zombies - 80 zombies
- Max Animals - 100 animals
- Loot Reset - Every 5 in-game days
- Air Drops - Every 3 in-game days
- Server Reboots - Automatically every 3 hours (except horde night)


What can you expect on Dead Zone PvE?

- Zombies - Custom zombies, boss zombies, increased spawns
- Animals - Custom animals, increased spawns
- Stack Sizes - Increased all the way up to 6,000 in some cases.
- Votecrate - vote for the server and get in-game rewards
- CSMM - control waypoints, DeadBucks, and more from the in-game chat
- Events - Fun Server Events with rare prizes
- Recipes - tons of custom item recipes, and recipes for in-game blocks you can't normally make
- Spawn - A safe and inviting area for players to hang-out, make trades, and be safe on horde night
- Plots - A pre-levelled and measured area the size of one LCB. Claim a spot and join the community of awesome builds


Our Mods

- Steel, Diamond, Emerald and Ruby Armor and Items - Stronger and more durable armor, tools, and weapons
- Weapon Attachments - Silencers, scopes, and expanded ammo magazines
- Custom Crossbows - Steel, Diamond, Scoped, and AutoCrossbow
- Super Auger - 50% more block damage, gas, durability, etc. than the regular auger
- Super Chainsaw - 50% more entity damage, gas, durability, etc. than the regular chainsaw
- Swiss Army Knife - a multi-tool capable of doing the job of several handheld tools all-in-one
- Fishing - Craft a fishing pole and go fishing in any water source
- Custom Zombies - Boss zombies in the wasteland biome for an added challenge
- Custom Food and Drinks - see below for a list
- Shiny Headgear - attach flashlights to just about any headpiece
- Heated and Cooled Shades and Night Vision Goggles - to easily adjust temperature +40 or -40
- Miracle Splint - instantly heal that broken leg
- Miracle Pill - instantly cure just about any ailment
- Slot Machines - use duke coins to play the slots and win prizes
- Keys - instantly unlock safes
- Redbull and Butterbeer - travel 50%+ faster than normal
- Grasscutter - cuts and collects grass super quickly
- Fuel Logs - Super dense wood logs for extended cooking sessions
- Colored Clothes - several shades of clothing
- AutoMiner - machines that collect resources for you every 3 hours
- Respawning Cars - break down cars all the way, and they will respawn after some time
- Decorative Blocks - Gutters, torch glass, arrows, and more
- Flame Turret - a flamethrower turret variety
- Junction Block - a concrete block that works like a relay; for hiding wires in walls
- Additional Paints - for decorating