Nightshade Servers | Wildemount | PVE

Nightshade Servers | Wildemount | PVE
Hostname Nightshade Wildemount PVE | Custom Mods|Maps|UI WIPED 8/10/21
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 1 / 20
Location United States of America
Version Alpha 19.6
Platform Windows
Registered by Nightshade_Servers
Registered since September 19th, 2020 08:13 PM EST
Last update January 29th, 2021 03:59 PM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 5

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WILDEMOUNT is our INSANITY Difficulty server. We have Nightmare Zombies with Nightmare running speeds during the Night! Our Blood Moon Horde Nights are also Randomized, providing that extra bit of INSANITY! But fret not! Zombies aren’t complete bullet sponges! We have our own custom modlet that provides a better headshot damage multiplier that includes a Headshot notification system, letting you know you’ve hit the head!

Our servers have Botman, which means we have /home teleports available to all! But being our more .. Difficult server.. Our public teleports are extremely limited!

OUR MODS (No Download Required!):
Nightshade Technologies (NSTech): Is our own continually and exclusively developed modlet. It includes a variety of custom ENDGAME Tiered Weapons and Armor, such as:
The NSTech Raptor Carbine: A more precise version of the Tactical Assault Rifle with the ability to switch between Full-Auto and Semi-Auto on the fly.
The NSTech Super Drill: Our popular and most sought out tool of the players! Mine those ores with more damage and a much faster rate!
The NSTech Power Armor: a highly useful armor capable of giving the wearer faster running speeds, higher jumps, faster reloads, and plenty more!
And many more!

Builder Blocks: Gives you a variety of creative menu blocks capable of upgrading all the way to steel.

Extended Furnitures and Lights: Gives you a variety of lighting options and furniture options to craft for your base needs! Continually being developed! We’ve recently added a custom Speaker with an AI voice!

Extended Storage Blocks: Tired of the same old square storage block? Wish you could use those store bookshelves, weapons racks, and that old garbage can as a Secure Storage Container instead? Well Nightshade's got you covered! This mod gives players a variety storage containers that use.

Extended Vending Machine Blocks: Takes the Extended Storage blocks concept and applies it directly to the Player Vending Machines! So now you can have a Player Vending Machine that looks like a Weapons/Armor Rack!

Increased Stacks: We've greatly increased the stack sizes of most if not all items for you collectors out there!

Custom UI Display: Giving you a unique look to your UI that gives you a better view of your character needs!

Custom Zombies: We have custom zombies for events and after party horde nights. Includes custom zombie mods by others modders and some made by our own team!

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