A20 b231 EXP Patch

Posted on December 16th, 2021 10:17 AM EST
We have just released an update to A20 Experimental b218 with some great fixes.

Here is how you can access the A20 Experimental build:

  1. Right click on the game in steam
  2. Click on properties
  3. Click the “betas” tab
  4. The drop down menu will have latest_experimental available <— you want THAT
  5. Select that and wait for the game to download.

Changelog b219-b231

Official Forum Bug Reporting Post[community.7daystodie.com]

  • City_center_01 tier 4 "Olgiddy & Brother" ad agency POI.
  • Held candle light visibility
  • VoteRequirements for buff and progression.
  • Random pitch support to sounds played at a position (like impacts) or in head
  • LighLODHeld flickerRadius which does algorithmic motion (added to candle)

  • Removed infinite blocks/paint from cheat mode
  • Added missing random loot counts to some raw food crafting ingredients
  • Iron Bars now upgrade to concrete
  • Increased player's held light visibility when world darker
  • Lowered the max texture quality VRAM requirement to 3 GB
  • Living off the Land level 2 now has a 50% chance to harvest 1 additional crop
  • Updated the verbiage referencing the land claim block in the game mode tool tip
  • Slightly lowered the stamina use of the pipe baton
  • Improved wording on LandClaimExpiryTime and BedrollExpiryTime comments in serverconfig.xml
  • Increased sound clip randomness and don't repeat the same clip
  • In A19 items got increased scrapping speed when scrapping to iron. Updated all other scrap actions to the same speed.
  • Rare or progression relevant items can not be scrapped or smelted. This includes crafted workstations, vehicles and their assembled parts, workstation tools like an anvil or beaker and sewing kits.
  • Reduced the magazine size of the pipe machine gun
  • Lowered the Max Durability of all ranged pipe weapons
  • Most pole and smaller sized shape HP values reduced by 75%
  • Most plate and similar sized shape HP values reduced by 50%
  • Added missing light opacity property to "most" block shapes that have holes or do not fill more than 50% of the voxel space to allow indoor or underground farming
  • Commercial_strip_02 tier 2 questable.
  • .44 magnum rounds are now found earlier in loot progression
  • Reworked the loot found in caskets and coffins
  • Updated LiteNetLib to, includes some disconnection fixes
  • House_modern_05 updated
  • Additional changes to store_autoparts_01

  • Teleporting from the boss horde fails the event.
  • Running from the boss hordes no longer rewards you a crate.
  • Boss hordes should stay focused on the target player.
  • Boss hordes could fail if someone leaves the party.
  • If any of the boss horde despawns, despawn the rest.
  • Incorrect wording in twitch settings for custom events.
  • User created map waypoints do not display text
  • Some new blocks like shutters have a stack count of 1
  • Issue with UV's on scaffolding_plank_supported_center
  • Brawling perks and books can be in effect while driving a vehicle since the player is technically using hands during that
  • Advanced Generation RWG GC Memory Allocation Crash
  • Player placed light sources did not increase visibility of player except on dedi
  • Rain can be seen inside POIs
  • Radiated and feral Mutant zombies don't have spit attack
  • Zombie dogs missing flame effect
  • #reverse now flips the velocity of the vehicle as well.
  • Traders protection buffer area overlapping into POIs outside of the tile
  • Fixed remnant_oldwest_07 z fighting
  • Drone mods of the same type stack. Cargo mods are allowed to stack.
  • In current RWG Oldwest towns can spawn in water
  • NRE when generating 2 worlds without closing the client
  • Party member with shared quest for same restore power location causes current restore power quest to break.
  • Issues in current RWG including Generated World name
  • Removed recognizable credit card logos from ATM
  • Custom POIs added via the "Mods" folder are not spawning in Random Gen
  • Docks_03 in navezgane is almost full of water now.
  • Pregens Trader space adjustments and oldwest_corner fix
  • KeyNotFoundException in advanced gen on 2nd consecutive generation
  • Town tiles can overlap one another, including/cutting in half POI's
  • Missing red tint on cntBuriedLootStashChestInsecure
  • Wrong icon for wedgeNarrowTipLeftTrim2SidedRail
  • 3rd person arrows are pink
  • Vehicle headlight and personal flashlights had different actions, making it impossible to assign the same keyboard button when reassigning
  • TerminalWindowEnabled setting not respected when starting a dedi server
  • No flame on candle when equipped
  • Zombie AI gets stuck attacking 1/2 block pillar
  • EntityLootContainer "unloadEntity !dict" can cause NRE
  • Flipped normal on cube_half_bottom_pole_1m_top collider allowed entities to fall into it
  • Improved PathAbstractions performance during game sessions
  • Timed charges arming audio
  • Burning buff now plays burning sounds.
  • Burning Shaft mod causes pink & different lighting effects
  • Spears missing material when in midflight
  • Multiple restore power quests at the same location cause a corrupted quest
  • Businessman zombie head flopping around during ragdoll
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