The Oasis

The Oasis
Server Information
Hostname The Oasis | Wiped 3/5
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 2 / 40
Location United States of America
Version Alpha 20.6
Platform Windows
Map SpringOasis
Registered by OasisCrew
Registered since December 31st, 2021 05:26 AM EST
Last update January 16th, 2023 03:21 AM EST
Tag(s) Anticheat Difficulty 3

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Vote(s) 740
Rank 10
Score 1186
Favorited 25

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About This Server

The Oasis has maintained Top 10 amongst the servers since it's inception on January 1st, 2022.

The Staff:

Three Owners, with equal say in all decisions, as to avoid unjust or kneejerk reactions towards players or situations. This is unlike the single-person hierarchy practice commonly found amongst gaming communities.

Devs that are informative and make truly custom mods from scratch, without the typically seen download from Nexus or other sources. All mods are server side and require no download from the clients. Our more popular mods include an entire Magic skill tree with over 50 different spells and magical items. The Lead Developer is the first, and now one of two, xml experts in the 7DTD Admin Coalition Discord. Once a month The Oasis holds a Dev Discussion where all development plans are discussed amongst the players, as well as any questions answered on mods or development direction.

Our Admins are patient, understanding, and exceedingly friendly. They play alongside the players and are always present to assist with any concern. They host events in discord and in game frequently to incite fellowship and comradery within the community.

The Community:
A rich and diverse player base filled with wonderfully friendly folks from all ages and walks of life. All the players are helpful, friendly, and inviting. All are quick to help identify toxicity, which is swiftly dealt with to ensure a community that fosters an enjoyable gaming experience.

The Servers:
Currently The Oasis hosts two 7D2D servers:

The Oasis - 6k Map
Direct Connect: steam://connect/
Live Map:
Vote Link:
In-Game Shop:
Difficulty: 3 | XP: 300% | Loot: 150%
Resets: As Needed

The Oasis: Bananarama - 6k Map
Direct Connect: steam://connect/
Live Map:
Vote Link:
In-Game Shop:
Difficulty: 4 | XP: 400% | Loot: 150%
Resets: As Needed

Current Mod List:

Mods You Can Find Online from Various Sources:
All of the following have multiple different creators and are tweaked for our needs, and not direct copies.
At this point in the Alphas, a large number of server side mods overlap in their purpose and functionality.
- Asphalt Run Mod
- Cars Regrow
- Item Stacks
- Bonus Skill Tree
- Starter Kit
- Vehicles
- Wireless Relay Block

Mods Custom to Our Server:
- Better Electricity
- Better Traps
- Better Vending
- Candy Machine
- Craftable Decor
- Custom Armor
- Custom Weapons/Ammo
- Custom Zombies
- Donor Items
- Custom Dyes and Dye Station
- Elemental Effects Decor Blocks
- Elemental Affinity
- Custom Foods and Plants
- Helpful Recipes (QoL)
- Custom UI
- Custom Lootable Items
- Magic Mod (New Magic Cloaks, Bundles + Feathers)
- Power Armor
- Super Mixer
- Custom Forge
- Thor's Hammer
- Totems
- Treasure Tokens
- Custom Quest Rewards
- Custom Voting Rewards
- Underground Crops
- Super Items
- Custom Tools
- Custom Ores
- Radiated Wasteland
- Custom Perk Tree
- Custom Starter Weapon
- Custom Display Timers
- Forestry Mod
- Night Bonus Experience Mod
- Radiation Scrubber
- Craftable Deco Cars